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Taking immediate action

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of goal setting when embarking on a journey of self-mastery.  Today I took action on these goals.

Step 1: Set realistic goals.
Step 2: Take immediate action.

My goals included eating healthier and improving my overall fitness level.  In order to accomplish this, I laid out some rituals and daily actions I would need to take to achieve improvement in this area of my life.  These included:

  • Working out 6 days a week for at least one hour
  • Tracking my eating habits (counting calories)
  • Tracking my workout habits

Today I took action towards my goals by creating a free account at LiveStrong.com.  Yup, it’s the live strong you’re thinking of.  The one founded by Lance Armstrong to raise money and awareness for cancer.  You’ve probably seen someone wearing one of those yellow wrist bands at some point in your life.  Anyway, the website offers some really great tools for anyone looking to take control of their eating and workout habits.  Best of all, it’s free to use.  A couple of the cool features I am currently using are a tool to track everything I eat and drink in a day, and also the workouts I do each day.  The site allows you to search through a long list of foods and workouts to calculate how many calories you are taking in and how many calories you are burning.  I’m a novice to calorie counting, so this is good news for me.

Feel free to check out my LiveStrong profile to see what I’m eating and what workouts I’m doing each day.  Also, if I slip, be sure to get on my case!

I also had a great workout today.  I followed along with a video circuit training program called Insanity.  It’s from the same people who released P90X.  Suffice to say, Insanity lived up to its name.  I could barely finish the workout, and was completely soaked in sweat by the end.  Check it out.

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