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Sell Something Online

This has been on my to do list for quite some time.  I actually have a note book full of product ideas that range from jewelry to meditation videos.  I originally got the idea to do this after reading a book titled, “The Four Hour Work Week,” by Timothy Ferris.  Ferris talks in detail about lifestyle design and how to create automated income through the use of muses.  A muse is something that requires effort initially to set up, but after the main setup, time input is minimal and the muse runs mostly on its own.  Creating automated income has been made significantly easier by the internet and web 2.0 technologies.

Anyway, I got really fired up after reading this book and even went through the effort of making some initial versions of products I could sell.  However, I never followed through and never tried to sell these things online.

Starting today I’m going to follow through with one of my more simple product designs, a bracelet.  I originally got the idea for this bracelet several years ago while I was at a Buddhist center in Colorado.  While at the gift store, I found a Chinese coin.  A couple days later I strung a brown shoelace through it and tied it on my wrist.  Every time I’d wear it, I’d get a lot of compliments and questions about the bracelet.  The picture to the right is my second version of the bracelet, which is much nicer I think.

I promised to give several bracelets away to friends, but after that I will make a listing on etsy.com.  Wish me luck and if you want to buy one, check back in a couple days for the link.

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