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Checking In

I am going to start implementing weekly check ins to this blog.  I will use check ins to evaluate the progress I am making in areas of my life.

In terms of fitness and health, I give myself a B-.  While, I have been working out hard nearly everyday, I have not been documenting my diet or workouts on livestrong.  Tracking my progress is essential for evaluating growth and improving my methods for success.  I also have not done any yoga or mediation in the past week.  However, I haven’t had a soda in several days, which is a big step forward for me.  I am a soda addict, or have been in the past.

Moving forward, I have to focus more attention on the minute details and follow through with my plans.  What is the point of making a plan if I don’t intend to follow through? I will be returning to SF tomorrow and I will have to refocus my energies on what is important to me.

As for blogging itself, I give myself an A-.  I have successfully blogged everyday since committing to the challenge.  I have wanted to write more, and have intended to add updates more related to my personal goals, but overall, I have blogged and that is the main goal.  I am starting to notice blogging is becoming a bit of a chore and I will have plan my days more closely so that blogging always has a spot.  At the moment, I blog only late at night, before sleep.  I think this is doomed to fail, as I am tired and will likely miss a post or two.  A better strategy would be to blog in the mornings, after a workout, when my mind is awake and active.  Also, I should start keeping a list of topics I want to write about rather than writing what is immediately on my mind at the current moment.

Anyway, I am learning how to use wordpress a bit better and I will start to add more features in the next couple weeks.

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